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Water Hydraulic Release Shackle

Our water hydraulic release shackle, the INOshackle™, is designed for lifting and positioning structures and equipment in subsea operations. 

The INOshackle™ can be operated with the following: 

  • Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) 

  • Hotstab 

  • Quick-release

  • Radio control

  • Hydro Acoustic Control

  • Multi-disengagement of several shackles from one stab point

INOshackle™ will reduce high cost operation times as well as making operations safe and easy for vessel and personell. 

  • Capacity 9T-3000T​


  • Available for rental and purchase

  • Remote controlled engagement and 
    disengagement of shackles

  • Custom made to fit specific operation

  • Designed to DNV standards

  • Multi-disengagement of several shackles from one stab point

Watch video below
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