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Inovatum Lifting As is a company that started 2013 on the demands from the market for cost saving and efficient products. It is a Sub company of Inovatum AS, which has developed turnkey prototypes for ROV tooling. People who has held positions like ROV Supervisor, ROV Manager and Operations Manager during the last 20 years in Racal, Thales, Fugro, DOF Subsea, Argus and Selantic AS, started Inovatum. We develop advanced ROV tooling.

As for today, the operational company are Inovatum Lifting and the product focused at is the INOshackle™.

At Inovatum Lifting, we believe that there is nothing worse than seeing a perfectly solvable problem, left unsolved.


When that unsolved problem also leads to: inefficiency, harm to the environment, to people and millions of euros/dollars in lost time resources, it’s time to fix it once and for all.


We invented INOshackle to help energy businesses convert old oil-based shackles into clean ones that run on water and air. It dramatically increases safety to workers and the environment, and cuts time needed for some Operations from 36 hours to 4. That can translate into large sums of cost savings with just 1 INOshackle alone.


The time is now to make the change to innovation, with INOshackle!

Lars Skjold



Tel: +47 97 14 36 22



Janny Angvik Aasen



Tel: +47 91 34 24 12.



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